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Offshore Technology Development (OTD) - After Sales


OTD has a dedicated service team on standby round the clock to ensure maximum up-time for your OTD system. The team is equipped to provide a full range of services including inspection, troubleshooting, commissioning, maintenance, repair and operations. Our experienced service team is able to service more than 100 different jackup rig designs and can be on site as quickly as within 24 hours of activation.

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  • An error in the Jacking and Fixation System during rig moving operations can be very costly. This can happen due to the tempering of the OTD system by third party inspectors or unauthorised personnel.
  • Pre-jacking and during-jacking inspections by OTD Service Team provide important information on the actual condition of jacking and fixation equipment, which can be overlooked or undetected during routine maintenance by the rig crew.
  • Our operational inspection service is designed to help you achieve safe and cost effective rig move operations.


  • Numerous third party inspections offer general system inspection without trained inspectors or the relevant component design data. These inspections provide inaccurate system health assessment and can create vulnerabilities in your OTD system.
  • With accurate system design information and support from OTD product design engineers, our OEM-trained Service Team is capable of delivering effective yearly inspections to ensure hassle-free rig operations.
  • In addition to standard periodical inspections, our OTD Service Team provides other specialised services such as:
    1. Borescope Inspection
    2. Thermographic Inspection
    3. Vibration Diagnostics
    4. UAV Drone Inspection


Customers engaging our Service Teams to conduct Periodical Inspection/Maintenance also have the option of alternative offsite technical support via our Customer Care Hotline.

Using information collected from previous site assessments, our service engineers provide rig personnel with swift technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that they can in turn overcome any technical difficulties regarding OTD Products.


HOTLINE: +65 6863 8970


  • Improper OTD system handling, maintenance and trouble-shooting can result in monetary losses and operation time-loss, especially when rig crew are not professionally trained to handle the system.
  • Equipped with knowledge of OTD systems of over 100 vessels, our Service Team offers comprehensive operator training packages designed to provide rig personnel with important OTD Product knowledge and skills needed in effective rig operation and maintenance.


  • A reliable service partner providing Inspection, Repair and Overhauling (I.R.O) services is critical in delivering cost effective service programmes and minimising system downtime.
  • With the support of Keppel’s 20 yards and engineering offices, our Service Team offers the complete I.R.O package Near Market and Near Customer to keep your products in tip-top condition.
  • Our OEM specialists also provide complete overhauling services to extend OTD product life, as well as detailed inspection/analysis coverage to preserve day rates.


  • Although aftermarket components may look the same, the version and performance can greatly differ and cause setbacks to the OTD system.
  • With a vast in-house OTD component design engineering library and extensive logistics support, our Service Team is capable of preparing and delivering the right component to your doorstep anywhere in the world, and at the shortest time possible.
  • By maintaining a wide-ranging OTD product component inventory, the Service Team optimises parts availability and eliminates system downtime.
  • We devise strategies that ensure the continuity of rig operations. This is supported by the provision of operational parts and critical spares throughout the lifetime of the rig.