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We offer turnkey solutions to customers by packaging critical equipment with our ship designs.

Our proprietary designs are developed in-house by Keppel's Marine Technology Development (MTD) unit.

We tailor-make a full range of offshore suppport and maintenance vessels, including Anchor Handling Tug / Supply Vessels (AHTS), harbour tugs, Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs). We also have expertise in a wide range of critical components such as bulk cargo pressure-tanks, stern rollers and the latest propulsion concepts.

Committed to technology innovation, we continue to extend our strong design and engineering track record with larger and more sophisticated projects such as ice-class vessels for the Arctic and Caspian Sea.

AHTS  |  Habour Tugs  |  Ice-Class Vessels


Smit Kamara70-Tonne Bollard Pull AHTS Vessel MTD 6070 A With bollard pull of 70 tonnes and fire-fighting capabilities, the vessels are able to support various marine and coastal towage activities.
Sea Cheyenne140-Tonne Bollard Pull AHTS Vessel MTD 70140A-X The vessels have anchor handling capabilities with bollard pull of 140 tonnes and a broad range of offshore support functions, which include fire fighting, rescue and safety duties. For better vessel manoeuvrability, these vessels are installed with bow azimuth thrusters.
200/210-Tonne Bollard Pull AHTS Vessel  MTD80210A200/210-Tonne Bollard Pull AHTS Vessel MTD80210A Designed for strength and maneuverability, the MTD80210A is optimized to support the research and mining of hydrocarbons in the Brazilian Continental Shelf.
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Harbour Tugs

KST Leo50-Tonne Bollard Pull ASD Tug 
MTD 3050 ST
Vessels with bollard pull of 50 tonnes and fire-fighting capabilities.
KST Sky & KST Space45-Tonne Bollard Pull Tractor Tug 
MTD 2845 TT
Vessels with bollard pull of 45 tonnes and fire-fighting capabilities.
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Ice-Class Vessels

Greatship Maya Ice-Class Floating Storage and Offloading Solution MTD13028 FSO-IC

A robust solution, the ice-class FSO can withstand ice conditions of minus 20 degrees Celsius and ice thickness of 0.6 metres.

The first ice-class FSO, Yuri Korchagin, is designed with provisions for forecastle deck structure for soft yoke mooring system, double bottom and double hull, a superstructure for 32 men, and a Cargo Oil Control Station, machinery space and a helipad in the mid-section.

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