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With Deepwater Technology Group (DTG), we are the world's only offshore fabrication yard possessing a suite of in-house semisubmersible drilling rigs, drilling tenders and drillships.

We provide design and engineering solutions spanning drilling semisubmersibles, drilling tenders, accommodation semisubmersibles, drillships and floating production systems.

Our designs are developed closely in collaboration with trend-setting customers for ease of construction, optimal operations, and efficient maintenance.

Semisubmersibles  |  Compact Drillships  |  Floating Production System (FPS)


Semisubmersible Our well-established DSS™ Series of Semisubmersibles is jointly developed and owned by DTG and GustoMSC.

Construction-friendly, cost-effective and readily customisable, designs in the Series include:

  • DSS™ 20
  • DSS™ 38
  • DSS™ 38E
  • DSS™ 51 
West Vencedor

Our suite includes our award-winning drilling tender design:

  • SSDT™ 3600 
Floatel Superior

Our new-generation and high-specification semisubmersible accommodation rig designs are:

  • SSAU™ 3600
  • DSS™ 20NS
  • SSAU™ 4000NG
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Compact Drillships

Compact Drillships

Our fit-for-purpose and compact class drillship designs, the DrillDeep DS10000 and DS12000, offer a cost effective solution with generous deck space, high variable deck load and fast transit speed. These vessels are jointly designed by DTG and GustoMSC.

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Floating Production Systems (FPS)

Floating Production System (FPS)

Through FloaTEC, LLC, our joint venture with J. Ray McDermott, we offer FPS solutions that meet new field development challenges. 

  •  Extended Tension Leg Platform
Extendable Draft Semisubmersible

A cost effective, ultra-deepwater, dry tree drilling and production system.

  • Extendable Draft Semisubmersible
DeepDraft Semi

Designed to support steel catenary risers with emphasis on reducing fatigue.

  • DeepDraft Semi
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