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We perform complex modifications and offer specialised services for a spectrum of vessels including dredgers, barges, cruise ships and livestock carriers.

Jumboisation/Body Swapping

We have established a track record in the jumboisation and lengthening of vessels, body-swapping and life extensions projects.

These include:

  • Jumboisation and extension of container vessels, with new mid-body sections
  • Jumboisation of a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger
  • Widening of a tender drilling barge
  • Upgrading of vessels into sophisticated research vessels, including the installation of a complete range of sophisticated oil exploration equipment

Major Projects

In the construction of the Derrick Lay Barge, Armada Installer, we leveraged the synergy of Keppel O&M's yards to deliver the vessel to the land-locked Caspian sea. Accessible only by the narrow Volga-Don River Canal System, the barge was built in two separate longitudinal hull strips measuring 16 metres wide each, in Singapore. These were subsequently transported through the Canal which had strict air, beam and draft restrictions,  to sister company, Caspian Shipyard Company in Azerbaijan, where they were joined together.

We also completed the Jumboisation of the Queen of the Netherlands, a trailing suction hopper dredger vessel. The vessel was lengthened by 54 metres with the addition of a mid-ship section weighing 4,750 tonnes, making her one of the largest dredgers in the world with a capacity of 35,500m3.

The drillship, Frontier Phoenix, was extensively upgraded and refurbished by Keppel Shipyard which is also currently completing the integration of two drillships, Bully I and Bully II, for a Shell and Noble joint venture company.