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Prof Minoo Homi Patel

Board Member

Prof Minoo Homi PatelProf Patel is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of Development in School of Engineering at Cranfield University.

He has over 33 years of experience in research on offshore oil and gas exploration and production platforms and the umbilicals and risers used to connect these to wells located on the seabed in very deep water. In particular, he has devised and patented combined air/water motion control systems for enhancing the performance of floating offshore platforms. Among the vessels which utilise these innovations are McDermott Marine's DB50 crane vessel and the Helix Company's Quantum 4000 vessel built by Keppel AmFELS and also their Intrepid work vessel.

Prof Patel has written two textbooks in this field and authored over 110 research papers. In 1989, he established a "science park" company called BPP Technical Services Ltd, to exploit applications based on his research and directed its development into a respected independent entity.

Prof Patel became an Honorary Member of the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors in 1996 and was appointed a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 1999. He is also Director of Cranfield Aerospace Ltd; Cranfield Engineering Innovations Ltd; BPP Technical Services Ltd; BPP Cables Ltd and British Maritime Technology Ltd.